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The North East Cheshire Barn Owl Group and the East Cheshire Barn Owl Group. It has been clear from feedback that the previously existing groups were getting from shows & presentations that there has been a need to get groups like ours established in East Cheshire. Well now it has happened and we have started erecting nest boxes. We are really in business and we are pleased with the public support we are getting.
If you have any questions or want to take an active part then please Contact Us, we would be pleased to hear from you. Though it would help, it is not necessary to be an expert of any kind, the main prerequisite is a willingness to assist these groups whose goal is to conserve the barn owl.
We have joined forces with the Mid Cheshire Barn Owl Conservation Group to reduce administration. As a result we now get our funds from the MCBOCG and therefore our membership is also handled by them. If you join the Mid Cheshire Barn Owl Conservation Group you will be increasing the funds available for the East Barn Owl Groups to draw on. So if you would like to help us then please click on the link below to display a printable Membership Form.
Leaflet and Membership Form

Barn Owls Groups of Cheshire:

There are county & national Biodiversity Action Plans in relation to the conservation of barn owls and the barn owl groups are the ground workers for these plans. So whilst the groups cover relatively small areas their combined efforts are of national importance. There are barn owl groups in South Cheshire, Broxton (effectively West Cheshire), Wirral & Ellesmere Port, North Cheshire Mid Cheshire and now North East Cheshire and East Cheshire
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