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How can you help?
There are several significant things you can do right now that will make an impact on the survival of barn owls.
  1. Report any sighting of a barn owl in the last 6 months that you are aware of. You do not have to join our group to do this and your assistance would be very much appreciated. A sighting of a dead barn owl or a report of barn owl found injured is also very important to our work as this may highlight an area requiring attention, so please report these also. You can use the following link to Send a sighting report
  2. Join our group. You do not have to be an expert, just sincerely concerned about the survival of barn owls. Your membership fee will be used to fund the group, produce resources such as nesting boxes and will entitle you to join in with our monthly meetings, learn about barn owls, receive newsletters and work together in reversing the decline of barn owls in Mid Cheshire. You can use the following link to find out about Membership application
  3. You may prefer to make a donation. This open to individuals and businesses and helps up to purchase and maintain more expensive items such as image intensifiers (night sights), ladders and tools. We are currently looking for funds for a trailer to transport our equipment and a digital camera which would be used for site visits and our habitat survey. You can click on Make a donation to view and print a donation form.
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