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Nest Boxes

Recently the placing of nest boxes has been a valuable contribution towards ensuring that nest sites are available to barn owls. During 2000 just 19 pairs of breeding birds occupied 20 nest sites (one pair abandoned one site & moved to a second site), 8 of these nests were in nest boxes.

There are three basic types of nest boxes:

  • External tree boxes - these are made of 9mm plywood then varnished & weatherproofed. They placed in suitable trees where good habitat exists nearby
  • External Pole boxes - these are also made of 9mm plywood then varnished & weatherproofed. They are mounted on poles where good habitat exists nearby but there is no other structure to support the box.
  • Internal Boxes - these are made of 6mm plywood and are usually left untreated. They are placed in man made structures where good habitat exists nearby.

Since August 2000 we have been making nest boxes and began placing them in October 2000. The outbreak of foot & mouth disease stopped the placing prematurely but we would have taken a break during the breeding season anyway. We will resume placing boxes around mid autumn 2001. If you have control of any open land or buildings and would like us make an assesment regarding suitability for nest boxes then please Contact us. We do not make a charge for these boxes, they are funded by voluntary donations, membership fees and sponsorships.

We have found it most economical to build the boxes ourselves though often need both financial & physical help to do so.

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